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You and the world might look unexpectedly different after cataract surgery..

The main purpose of cataract surgery is to make people who can't see, see again. However, while for most people the improvement in vision is all they are focused on, some of my patients will notice other differences in how they look and see. Common comments include " Wow I didn't know I or my partner had so many wrinkles" and

"The house is seriously dustier than I thought!".

Colors will seem different too and usually more bluish in tint as the new lens implant does not have the yellowing of an old cataract lens. For a few who take many photos or selfies, they may notice that the reflection off their eye is not exactly the same as before. There is no way to predict who will notice these changes nor avoid them after cataract surgery, but I do find artists, photographers, engineers and graphic designers seem to be more visually aware of the differences. As with everything in life, being informed and aware of the possibility of change, usually helps us accept it more easily :)

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