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Eyedrops- how hard is it?

You like, most people, might struggle to put in eyedrops and feel anxious that maybe you are not putting them in the right way. And then you think, maybe it won't work if I don't put them in the right way and the anxiety builds....

In reality, eyedrops are pretty forgiving. Firstly it is not necessary to hit the exact center of your eye. As long as some of the drop goes in, that is fine. If you actually manage to get a drop in perfectly, you will find some of it leaks out as the eye doesn't actually have enough space to contain the volume of a full drop. Tilting the head back usually helps too and some people have to practically lie down to succeed.

Once the drop or some of the drop is in, just close the eye for 1 minute to allow it to absorb. You don't have to roll the eye around to distribute the drop nor do you have the massage it in. If you are on more than one eyedrop, wait 3 minutes between each drop and put the thinner one in first.

The last thing is that some eyedrops give you a bad taste in the mouth as they go down your tear duct into your nasal-oral cavity. Pressing the skin on either side of the nose just below the level of the eye can help block the drop going down as much.

* Information on this blog is general in nature and should not be taken as professional medical advice or as a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional.

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