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When something gets in your eye.. and it's not just smoke

It happens to all of us; you are walking along, having your coffee, checking out your Facebook feed and then ow ow ow, what's that pain in my eye? You wipe at it, dig a bit with your finger, your eye tears up a bit and usually the pain goes. This means that it was probably just an eyelash or just a bit of grit or some airborne particle which was quite small. But occasionally it doesn't go away...

The first thing you can try is to flush it away with sterile eyewash you can buy at the chemist. You can also use artificial tear drops. If it's something superficial, then this should get rid of it. If it's something more embedded or if whatever went into your eye has scratched the sensitive surface of your eye, then the discomfort will remain.

It's important if you can't flush it out, to go and see your optometrist or eye specialist. If the particle is metallic, then this can rust over time and cause scarring leading to loss of eyesight. If the foreign matter is contaminated with bacteria, you could get an infection. The earlier it is seen to, the easier it is to remove.

* Information on this blog is general in nature and should not be taken as professional medical advice or as a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional.

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