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Does laser eye surgery work for reading vision?

In my previous posts, I talked about loss of reading vision in your 40s and 50s and some of what you could do ...apart from growing longer arms :)

So does laser eye surgery work for reading vision? .... well yes it can.

About 1/4 of my patients that come in for vision correction want better reading vision. For those that pass the suitability criteria, the large majority will have monovision or blended vision. I spoke about this in my last post, but just to remind you, this is where the focus of one eye is set predominantly for distance and the other eye is set predominantly for close up. Yes I know it still sounds weird but it does work very well in 80% and can set you free from having to bring your reading glasses everywhere with you. Most people find that they will still need a pair of reading glasses on the desk at work or the bedside table at home, as prolonged reading especially fine print can become a strain. But for most everyday tasks, looking at your phone, reading a menu or looking at that parking meter, it works well.

Blended vision can be achieved by both laser eye surgery and lens exchange surgery (early cataract surgery). Which one is recommended depends on factors like your age, the health of your eye, the presence of any cataract and your prescription.

There are other options to.... but to learn about these you will have to "patient-ly" wait for my next post... :)

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