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Why are my arms getting shorter?? When reading vision starts to go ..

It usually begins after 40.... Fine print on everyday items like food packages, menus and webpages is getting a bit hard and if only your arms were a bit longer you could hold it far away enough to focus... you might even hand what you are trying to read to your kids and ask them to read it for you instead or maybe you start to wish you bought a bigger phone. This is typically a sign of what's called "presbyopia" or loss of reading vision with age.

This happens because your internal focusing lens becomes stiffer and more opaque with age. Eventually this leads to a cataract usually around your 60s but this can vary. Rarely I will see people in their 30s need cataract surgery and occasionally I will have some people not needing surgery till their late nineties!

Most people will initially get reading glasses. There are other solutions too.. more in my next post to come 😊

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