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What makes my eyes tired?

What makes my eyes tired?

Your eye is an amazing optical camera but unlike your phone camera, it gets tired... and you feel that as either blurry vision, fluctuating vision or just tired eyes. This is even more noticeable if you have any sort of prescriptive error (short or long sight or astigmatism) or any sort of eye condition and also gets worse as you get older.

So how do you keep your eyes working as close to optimal as possible? Well really it’s pretty common sense and a similar approach to what an athlete takes before a big game or competition.

1. Get adequate sleep as lack of sleep makes eyes more dry and your eye muscles more tired. Yes, your eye does have muscles and you may not know that your camera zooming lens is operated by muscles

2. Keep well hydrated as dehydration can lead to dry eye which can cause tired eyes or fluctuating vision

3. Reduce alcohol intake as excessive alcohol hits you two ways - dehydration and muscle fatigue ( see points 1 and 2)

4. Reduce refined sugar intake as fluctuating sugars levels can cause your zooming lens to swell

5. Try to take breaks away from the computer screen and phone- staring at it constantly is like sitting or standing without changing posture

If you need motivation, think of your eyes as the most expensive phone or camera you could ever buy and that you can’t ever replace !

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